We Love Our Heart LIVE EVENT 
 From the 19th and 20th November 

Please take a few minutes to listen why you should NOT miss out!

Just Some Of The Great Speakers We Had Joining Us:

Malcolm Kendrick - 
Big Pharma - A Cautionary Tale

Malcolm will once again be one of the Key Note speakers talking about the root causes and prevention of heart disease

Ken Berry MD
Missing True Heart Attack Risks

Dr Ken Berry has been leading the fight for many years against obesity and insulin resistance by keeping to a low carb diet. He also speaks out against the conspiracy of keeping us all sick.  

Michael Eades MD
Incretins, Insulin and Food Quality 

Dr Eades, Diet Doctor, will be speaking about protein and fat based diets and the evolution of the human species as well as being there to answer YOUR questions.

Dr Arthur Agatston 
 It's All About Insulin

Dr Agatston will be joining us to explain some of  the intricacies and interpretations of the CT CAC Scan

Dr Shawn Baker
Carnivore Conundrums

Dr Shawn Baker is a life-long multi-sport athlete setting many world records. He is also a leading proponent of a carnivore diet and has recently been interviewd by none less than Joe Rogan! 

Nadir Ali MD
Supernormal stimuli and CR

Nadir Ali is one of the leading interventionalist cardiologists in the USA who will be talking to us about his own campaign to encourage patients to treat their conditions using only lifestyle changes

Sherez Ruano
Cardiac Rehab and Breathing Techniques

Sherez Ruano specialises in breathing and relaxation techniques specifically for Afrib and post care treatments for cardio patients and their partners - something that is very lacking in the medical system today
With over 12 talks from our experts, including the Q&A workshop sessions, 
here is a unique chance to obtain an invaluable source of information to help you understand CVD and your metabolic health.
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Right now you could be saying to yourself:

I worry about my Cholesterol and lipid levels?
Hear the latest research and studies surrounding lipids and their role in CVD and what you can do about them.  We will help you understand REAL risk factors from your lipid results and discuss the differences between LDL and Lp(a) e.g.
How do I deal with my High CT CAC Score?
Soft Plaque versus Hard Plaque - The differences explained and no, it is not all gloom and doom!  Not only that Dr Arthur Agaston ( the original inventor of the technique!) himself will be speaking to us and maybe even able to answer your questions!
I seem to be going down one rabbit hole after another - it is all so confusing!
We have all been there but the good news is YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Lets try and sort together through the science to find one that makes real sense. 

We Are Proud To Announce Another Star Studded Line Up In Our LIVE Online Event

Presented  By Our Host Ivor Cummins

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